July 30th, 2012
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855962_vietnamese_children_from_a_danag_villageIt is difficult to believe that the last time I blogged regarding the status of Vietnam was in March of this year- I am sorry about that. I am not certain how I missed this.

This morning as I researched the status of the adoption program from this country, I find that there have been no real changes. Back in February, a notice was released stating that though Vietnam was certified under the Hague Convention, they had not reached the compliance level that was necessary in order for the United States to re-open the adoption relationship. The notice went so far as to caution prospective adoptive parents to not enter into any adoption agreements with agencies until final approval was granted.


This final approval is centered on Vietnam implementing the agreed upon changes to their program- essentially raising their standard of care. This is often a very expensive thing to accomplish and takes time to implement. That is why, four months later, it has not occurred. The changes required often touch every aspect of the adoption program and must be carefully monitored.

Vietnam remains closed to the United States as the agreed upon changes are worked on. For those of you who are waiting for Vietnam to re-open, I would love to tell you that it will be soon. Yet, I just don’t know. The time that is required for this program to restructure could range from many months to years.

While you are waiting for Vietnam to re-open, read, read, read. Study the nation, culture and people of the area that you are interested in. There are many quality blogs written by people who have adopted from this area. They can shed important light on the process, the people and what to expect. If you have already read everything that you could find and are still waiting…? Well, hopefully the wait is on its final stretch.

Vietnam (when it re-opens) has many beautiful children who are looking for their forever families. The children are healthy but I believe Vietnam requires its prospective adoptive families to be open to some special needs. Most of these needs are correctable.

Vietnam has been a valid adoption partner with the United States for many years. Their work in joining the Hague Convention will only solidify that relationship for the future. The time waiting now will offer a newer stronger program that is ready to offer a partnership for many years to come.

At this point, Vietnam is closed to the United States. They are party to the Hague Convention but do not have a relationship with the United States.

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3 Responses to “Waiting For the Re-Opening”

  1. vietdan says:

    3 children has actually already been propsoed to families in Denmark and one of them were brough home 1½ month ago.

    the other two children were proposed Friday last week and monday this week and they are both from Binh Thuan, south Vietnam.

    Sanne, Denmark – waiting for my second Vietnamese star

  2. pyrxtc says:

    We are still waiting here in the US. We were talking about adopting from there when the country closed and are still waiting to this day. We are in the process for a home study for a different country but are very hopeful that Vietnam will open before we submit it. Vietnam is very dear to us since my husband is Vietnamese.

  3. Angie says:

    I did realize that other countries have re-opened with Vietnam under the Hague Convnetion with Ireland being the latest. Hopefully this will occur in the United States soon.


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