February 26th, 2007
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hanoi bear
In Friday’s Life With Ella post there was a bear in the picture (sitting in front of the map), and I love this little bear so much that I wanted to write about her. She’s one of my favorite items that we got in Viet Nam.

We ate quite a few meals at the Moca Cafe in Hanoi which is down near the lake, and near the Catholic Church. Walking around window shopping one day we came across this adorable little boutique shop and decided to go in. It was actually the cute personalized teddy bears in the window that drew me in :)


We were warmly greeted and Ella was clucked and cooed at. They had a few different sized teddy bears you could choose from and then you start with the personalizing. Your bear could be a boy or a girl in traditional Vietnamese garb. You then choose what you would like embroidered on the bear’s feet. We chose the star from the Vietnamese flag on one foot and Ella’s first and middle names on the other (Ella Cuc Ruth). We did the paperwork and were told to come back in a day or two (I forget) and happily went on our way.

The day came that we were supposed to go and pick up Ella’s new bear and we couldn’t find the receipt. Of course, we panic because we’re sure we’re going to have to order and pay for a new bear, but we resolve ourselves to that fact and head down to the shop. We shouldn’t have worried a bit because everyone in the store remembered us and especially Ella. I don’t know about you, but we live in an area that has very few (if any) small mom and pop type stores. Noone here remembers you-especially not at Target and Home Depot. Can you even imagine trying to pick something up at Target with no proof of purchase and them welcoming you in and being lovely and helpful and remembering your child–AND giving you your item no questions asked? Score another point for the loveliness of Viet Nam and it’s people.

The shop is called Nagu and is at 20 Nha Tho St. in Hanoi. Their website is http://www.zantoc.com/

3 Responses to “View of Viet Nam-Nagu Bear”

  1. Reba says:

    That is a very sweet bear. I have loved this series so much. We are a long ways off from adopting again but I have been very interested in learing about the Viet Nam program.

    I just read that Angelina Jolie just filed papers to adopt from Viet Nam. Get ready for the explosion!! :-)

  2. Rebecca says:

    Hi Reba :) Wow, I hadn’t heard about Angelina…last I heard she and Brad had visited a baby center a few months back.
    Thanks for posting!

  3. JudyK says:

    That bear is adorable!!

    (off topic — I have a favorite picture of Vietnam on my blog and as the header for my blog too –
    http://justenjoyhim.wordpress.com/2007/02/27/a-moment-in-time/ )

    ~ Judy

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