September 30th, 2012
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1182879_woman_writing_in_the_agendaIt seems as though Vietnam is always my last stop on my whirlwind blogging tour around the globe. I have no other explanation than to say that perhaps I save the best for last?

Vietnam appears to be making no movement on re-opening their adoption program to the United States. This is very heart-breaking for those who have been waiting for this to occur. Their latest announcement stated that the United States had stopped adoptions from this country because of the lack of certification on the part of Vietnam. I do know that Vietnam is working to fulfill the agreement that was put into place between them and the United States. Many times, this agreement requires a complete overhaul of the program including upgrades to the children’s care situations. These changes are costly and take time.


I love that Vietnam is working toward solidifying the adoption relationship between themselves and the United States because of the long history and tradition that stands behind this program. I believe that by joining the Hague Convention and regulating their program, Vietnam is placing themselves in the position to be a strong adoption partner for many countries including the United States.

So what are those of you who are waiting for this country to re-open supposed to do? I have a couple of suggestions. You probably have heard them before. First, educate yourself on Vietnam, the people and culture. Then dive into the adoption world. Reading through all of the adoption materials that are available on this country alone would take a long time. Anything that you can learn prior to your own adoption is a plus for both you and the child that you are considering. Second, relax. I know that this sounds crazy but I have been through an intercountry adoption myself and know how straining they can be. Focus on making your life full and rich so that when this country re-opens and adoption becomes an option- you are ready. Third, adoption is difficult on a person’s mental, emotional and financial well-being. Make sure that you know what goes into making this a success. This will only serve you when you are able to seriously consider whether adoption from Vietnam is the right choice for your family.

Vietnam is currently open for adoption but does not have an adoption partnership with the United States. They are working toward this relationship through Hague Convention certification and should be able to re-open soon.

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