January 27th, 2011
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855962_vietnamese_children_from_a_danag_villageLooking back into the adoption status of this country has wielded little. Though I stated in an earlier post that the new adoption law was to take effect in the beginning of January 2011, I can find no more information stating that it has. The most recent post by the  Joint Council dates back to July 2010. Again, this stresses that there is a lot of ‘work’ that must be completed between the United States and Vietnam in order for intercountry adoptions to re-open. Vietnam has to either become party to the Hague Convention or install a bilateral agreement with the United States. Hopefully, that is one the horizon…


All of the work that Vietnam must do in order to re-open an adoption relationship is definitely worthwhile in the regulation of adoption and the care of the children and adoptive parents. According to the Joint Council report:

…the Government of Vietnam must draft, finalize and promulgate regulations and standards that, amongst other things, will establish procedures  to:

- Accredit and regulate US adoption service providers to perform adoption related work in Vietnam.

- Establish adoption fees and procedures for monitoring their collection

- Clarify procedures for reporting and reviewing donations that may be made to orphanage and child welfare organizations and by organizations or individuals engaged in intercountry adoption to ensure that such donations do not influence placements, procedures, or approvals

- Evaluate the suitability of prospective adoptive parents [and]

_ Ensure that all required efforts for domestic placement have been fully met before  a child is considered for intercountry adoption.

You can see that these are basic things that must be in place in order for an adoption relationship to run smoothly. It is important to the well-being of all involved that regulation be in place. The country of Vietnam is one of United States oldest adoption partners and desire for the relationship still stands but it must be re-established within the confines of the desired structure but for the time being,  Vietnam remains closed.


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