August 31st, 2012
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1324574_lampion_1There is a lot of interest in adoption from Vietnam lately as it is rumored that are slated to re-open soon. The original date for this sought after affair came and went with little information from Vietnam. Now we are waiting impatiently for the good news of re-opening. It seems like a long time in coming. I know that many of you who were interested in adopting from this country have given up and started adoption paperwork for other countries. This is so heart-breaking to hear about but I understand that the wait seems to drag on indefinitely.

Vietnam should have a reinforced, stronger program when they re-open in the United States. This can only benefit the long-term adoption program and allow the relationship to grow. The number of people who are looking to adoption internationally has grown in the past decade and appears to continue to rise. Countries, like Vietnam, who are looking to ensure legalities are met and children are treated fairly are going to be highly sought after to fill the needs.


The children in Vietnam that are orphaned are cared for in orphanage situations though I believe that foster family options are being put into place to allow children a stronger childhood while they are waiting for placement. This will bring a stable more easily adopted child as a result. Children who are raised in foster homes adapt to the family situation with greater ease than those who are kept in orphanages.

If you are waiting for Vietnam to re-open and can bear the timeframe- this is a great country to adopt from. There are many people who have walked this route before you and you will be able to glean a lot of information from them. Many of them keep blogs  that you can access. These writings can answer the questions that you may have about the adoption, travel, finances and making things work after you get home.

At this point, Vietnam is not open in the United States. They are working toward ratification of the Hague Convention status currently and should be finalizing soon.

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