March 31st, 2012
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1334670_stop_signIt seems as though I am always writing the same thing regarding adoption from Vietnam. I am constantly saying, “Hang in there. The end is close. Read all you can about adoption from this country.”

That is the premise of this blog as well. We are still waiting for compliance on the part of Vietnam in order to bring this country back to the status of open. Vietnam has joined the Hague Convention but is not in a working relationship with the United States. This is because there are a lot of portions of the agreement that must be met in order for both countries to re-open the adoption relationship. I posted last month that the United States government released a statement regarding the adoption relationship between them and Vietnam. It simply said, “This relationship is not open.”


The notice was to inform all people interested in adoption from Vietnam that no agencies should be offering services or accepting dossiers for this country. There are some agencies that may try to get ahead in the game and begin accepting prospective parents’ dossiers. This is not okay. It may seem as though the wait is taking forever but unfortunately it is not over. So I’ll use my famous words again- hang in there.

When Vietnam adoption re-opens, there will be a whole new set of regulations and statutes that will need to be followed. Some of them will resemble what is already in place, others will be new. It is difficult to discuss what those requirements will look like. I believe that as this country moves in the direction of re-establishing their adoption relationship with the United States, the new regulations will surface.

If you are interested in adoption from Vietnam, know that the wait is worth it. There are many good children who are awaiting their forever family. This is where you as a prospective adoptive parent come in. All of the activities that you can do to build your understanding of Vietnam as a whole and adoption experiences from this area will be vital for you when you have the opportunity to walk forward in your adoption plans. The time may seem to drag but when it is over, it will be worth the wait. All of the time now is an investment into the lives of the children in the orphanages of this country. That is why the Hague Convention is being put in place- to ensure the safety of everyone involved in an adoption from this country. I will continue to monitor this country’s adoption program.

Vietnam adoption is not open in the United States at this time.

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