December 22nd, 2007
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Over the weekend Ella said “adoption” or “adopted,” it’s hard to tell! Her vocabulary seems to grow by leaps and bounds daily and she’s become quite the little parrot (making all of us adults around her keenly aware of some of our not so nice verbal habits!) Now that she’s more verbal I’ve been trying to talk to her about adoption little by little. I’ll throw in a “when we were in Viet Nam to adopt you,” or “he was adopted just like you” here and there. We also have books about adoption and lately she’s been extremely interested in “Happy Adoption Day.”

I’ve blogged about this book before and she absolutely loves it. It’s about a mom and dad who adopt a baby in an international adoption. Well, the fact that the illustrations show a mommy, daddy and baby just thrills her because she understands that we are mommy, daddy and baby too. She likes to identify the illustrations with those of us actually in the room with her and is off the wall proud of herself when she does.


So a few days ago she overheard her grandma talking to her great grandma about a friend of ours. My mom was explaining that we had plans to attend a Christmas party that our friends are hosting, and that they just recently came home with their new son who they adopted from Korea. Well, Ella’s little ears perked right up and she said “adoption!” and made a bee line for her bookshelf. She picked up her “Happy Adoption Day” book, hugged it to her chest and said “adoption.” My mom told her that she was right and that our friend’s son was adopted from Korea and she was adopted from Viet Nam. Ella nodded her little head and promptly threw down the book proclaiming “Run!” as she took off.

I just love the fact that she’s heard the word adoption enough to recognize it and repeat it back in the correct context. It’s a normal part of life in our family, and a normal topic of conversation, and I’m glad that she’s learning that.

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