December 12th, 2007
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Finally, we’re on the last step of the series of posts detailing each step of the Viet Nam adoption process. Of course, this isn’t really the end. Adoption education for us as parents, and for our children needs to continue and post placement reports only mark the end of the process in terms of paperwork and working with outside agencies.

When you adopt a child from Viet Nam, you agree to send post placement reports to Viet Nam for eighteen years to let them know how your child is doing in their new home and with their new family. Viet Nam requires only one post placement home visit report, which you will arrange with your home study agency (or your placing agency, if they are the same) within three months of being home. You will then complete self reports every six months for the first three years and then annually after that.


Your adoption agency will give you guidelines to follow when writing your reports. Some will have you send them to the agency and they will be sent to Viet Nam on your behalf; and some will ask you to send them in yourself. Pictures can be included, and I understand are encouraged.

Some see sending post placement reports as a burden; but I see them as just the opposite. In my busy life, I appreciate the reminder to take some time and document and praise the growth my daughter has shown over the year. I know that whenever possible, our agency makes sure that these reports also make their way back to the baby centers and nannies who love to see how the children are doing.

I’ve created a separate category for these “steps” posts, so please feel free to browse them there, or through the sampling of “steps” links below.

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