November 8th, 2007
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We are now officially one step closer to completing our homes study update, and another step closer to our daughter. Today my husband and I traveled to our home study agency’s office for our in office visit. It went extremely well and I’m excited that this step is done and we can move forward from here.

The meeting was relatively short and pleasant. I am extremely relieved to hear that all our paperwork is in order and looks good. We’re still waiting on one reference letter to be turned in and I need to send in one financial statement, but other than that, we’re done! The paperwork is the hard part of the home study, and the actual home visit requires no real preparation, so I really appreciate being able to take a little bit of a breather from the land of paperwork.


The social worker we met with today was extremely easy to talk to and regularly told us that we knew what we were doing, were doing a good job and that this next adoption seems like the right thing to do. It was nice to hear an adoption professional compliment our ideas about raising adopted kids in a transracial family. Since this is our second home study with this agency, they acknowledged our experiences with Ella’s adoption and we felt very comfortable throughout the whole meeting.

From here we wait to hear from our social worker to schedule our home visit. We’re happy to be able to work with our same social worker from Ella’s home study visit and her post placement visit, so it will be nice to see her again. In our state you need to submit your I600A petition to USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) along with your completed home study in order for them to process it and allow you to schedule your immigration fingerprinting. So for right now, we’ll just wait for our home visit and from there we’ll hit the ground running with our immigration paperwork.

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