November 18th, 2011
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1073703_golden_micI love the fact that I said last month, no clear date and am coming to you 2-3 weeks later and saying, “I have a date!!”

It is true. The approval for Hague Certification between the United States and Vietnam went through on November 1, 2011. This is very exciting. It is another step completed in a long process. For those of you who have been waiting- this is such good news. There are a couple of legalities that you should know about. When a country reaches an approval, they are not immediately open for adoption. This is the case with the relationship between the United States and Vietnam. Though the approval is November 2011, it doesn’t go into effect until February 2012.


When the adoption relationship status goes into effect, governmental permissions must be granted in order for adoption agencies to begin placing children. This is not an easy process to complete. Each agency must work with and through the Vietnamese government to gain access to the available child database. There are steps that must be completed by agencies in order to make this happen. Even with all of the required steps that must be taken, this country is so close to re-opening. I am so excited for those of you who have been watching for this to occur. If you are interested in adoption from this country, now would be a great time to complete some research. Find reputable agencies and check them out. Ask questions. Agencies are not allowed to begin adoptions at this time but they will be able to connect you with the information that you need to make a decision.

The children who are waiting for their forever families are being housed in orphanages and foster care situations. Their care is monitored under the current standards (Hague.) This is a great move for adoption from Vietnam and will work to ensure that this country’s adoption program is viable and strong for the future. With the Korean adoption program closing after its long adoption relationship with the United States, it is nice to see the steps taken to keep this program open.

Are there are any prospective parents who wish to adopt from Vietnam out there? Let us know. We would love to follow your journey. I have heard from some of you in the past and would love to ‘hook back up’ as the status changes and activity can start.

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