April 14th, 2011
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1078767_waiting_2It seems that there are many people who have an avid interest in adopting from the country of Vietnam. As we wait for news of its re-opening, it seems fitting to deal with some of the issues that waiting can cause in the heart and minds of prospective parents. It is difficult to wait and seems that precious time is being wasted. Having adopted internationally and been through the waiting game, I feel that I can honestly say that time put into regulation and written procedure will bring a positive result. It may not seem like it but the wait will end and a strong, healthy adoptive relationship will be re-established. I cannot stress enough that this takes time, effort and cooperation.


I believe at this stage, cooperation is one of the largest hurdles to be overcome. As Vietnam works toward ascertaining Hague Convention status there are a lot of hoops that must be jumped. The entire program must be written and agreed upon by all parties involved in the adoptive relationship. In order for the country to re-open, work must be complete. It is difficult work and unfortunately for prospective adoptive parents, takes time.

Those of you who are ‘waiting in the wings’ for news from this country, I do feel for you. Take the time to read about other people’s experiences of adoption. This will help you to go into your prospective adoption with knowledge and wisdom and will aid in your decision making. Knowledge is always a benefit and will be worth all of the time and effort spent on your part. There are many materials available that offer a closer look into the daily life of adopting interracially. Adoption from Vietnam is one of the easiest to find books and materials about as the relationship has been long-standing. I did a post about these materials. If you are interested, check out my past posts.

There have been some of you who have expressed an interest in adopting a family member from Vietnam. I have done some research on that topic and found very little. Unfortunately, with the adoption program closed, it is difficult to find valid up-to-date information. I would recommend talking to an adoption lawyer to find out if there are options for you in this area.

Vietnam is to be commended for working to become party to the Hague Convention. When they walk out on the other end, they will offer a stronger adoption program.

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