August 26th, 2007
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Depending on how you feel about American Girl dolls, you’ll either be thrilled or completely indifferent to the following information. Rumor has it that they will be releasing an Asian American doll later this year.

I have seen discussions pop up about the lack of an Asian American Girl doll in adoption circles for a few years now. In case you’re not familiar with the American Girl company, they have a line of incredibly popular dolls that represent different periods of American history and different races…except for Asian. There are African American, Mexican American and Native American dolls in addition to Caucasian ones. Last year’s “Girl of the Year” doll named Jess was biracial (Japanese and Irish,) but she wasn’t a part of the historical doll line (which is apparently *the* line to be in.)


The American Girl company has exploded to include stores, books, movies and more. There are many parents who choose not to buy into the commercialism of the company and just as many others who celebrate and praise American Girl for getting girls interested in history and reading (the dolls are accompanied by books.)

All I know is that the adoptive parents who comment on message boards are VERY interested in there being an Asian American American Girl historical doll. There have been letter writing campaigns, emails and phone calls to corporate headquarters, and so far they have been told that they can order a “Just Like You” doll that has customizable skin tones, eye shapes and hair and eye color. But if rumors prove themselves to be true, and a Chinese American doll is released this fall, parents of Asian girls across America will be thrilled. The bottom line: if you’ve been holding out for an Asian American historical American Girl doll, your wait may soon be over.

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2 Responses to “An Asian American Girl Doll”

  1. sarah_engelbrecht says:

    I’m happy to see this. I have two historical American Girl dolls from my childhood. Sienna has an Asian American Bitty Baby. Can’t wait to see if it comes through

  2. Rebecca says:

    Sarah, I’m excited too (and hope that the rumors are true)–when I hear more about this I’ll post it here :)

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