Still Waiting

October 17th, 2011
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1224529_hourglassAfter last month's positive news, I was hoping that I would have a lot of information to report. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Though Vietnam has talked about re-opening their adoption program, no information has been released pointing to that. This can be very frustrating for those of you are waiting for this country to begin to accept dossiers again. I would encourage you to seek out a reputable agency as this point. They will be able to inform you fully of the status changes as they occur. I am not directly involved with adoption from this country and thus rely on research for my information. The legal aspects of adopting from Vietnam will likely be different when the adoption program re-opens. This is… [more]

Movement Toward Ratification

September 30th, 2011
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527555_newspapers__2This morning, I come to you bearing news! On the 21st of September a notice was released by the leadership in Ireland pertaining to the status of Vietnam in regard to signing the Hague Convention. It read: Vietnam 'Ready to Sign up to Adoption Convention'  It has emerged that following discussions between the Irish and Vietnamese Authorities, Vietnam is preparing to ratify the Hague Convention on inter-country adoption. The international agreement, which Ireland signed last year, is a system of co-operation among countries ensuring that adoptions take place in the best interests of the children concerned. Minister for Children, Frances Fitzgerald, who recently met the Vietnamese Ambassador, has expressed confidence that Vietnam will sign-up to the convention in the near future. This is great… [more]

Vietnam Remains Closed

August 29th, 2011
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1338212_business_manIt seems like it has been a long time since I updated you on the status of adoption from Vietnam. It was a terrible disappointment to me to find no new information had surfaced in regard to the much anticipated re-opening of this adoption program. I have stated in past posts that Vietnam closed their adoption program in order to conform to Hague Convention regulations. They have not fully reached agreements with the countries that they share an adoption relationship with as of yet. Many governmental officials have been involved with the ratification process that Vietnam is working through- to ensure that all of the proper channels are being covered. Vietnam was slated to re-open as early as July of this year but… [more]

News About Vietnam Adoption

July 20th, 2011
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1110515_boardroomThe country of Vietnam continues to work toward re-opening their program. In June of 2010 the Vietnamese legislature passed a new law which took effect on January 1, 2011. This law is under continual revision and is delaying the programs desired result of accepting new applicants. All of the legislative work is the result of the signing of the Hague convention on the part of Vietnam which occurred on December 7, 2010. At this time Vietnam expressed its intent to ratify their convention status in July 2011 and fully become 'party to' it in November, 2011. This does not mean that the adoption relationship with the United States would automatically re-open. In order to become adoptive partners again- the United States Central Authority must… [more]

No News From Vietnam

May 31st, 2011
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428510_in_the_newsUnfortunately, there is no news in regard to Vietnam adoption. The country remains closed in order to finalize paperwork to complete its Hague Convention status. This makes it very difficult for the prospective parent who has been told repeatedly that this country's adoption program was slated for re-opening. All of the slated dates have come and gone with no word as to progress being completed. The question that I am routinely asked is, "What do I do while I wait?" I have a standard answer and many of you, who have read my blogs before know it by heart. I say, "Study, study, study." Research Vietnam's adoption program. Read all of the material that you can find. Figure out what (if any) special needs… [more]

Vietnam Adoption in the News

May 11th, 2011
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1110330_new_magazinesIn the last blog, I posted that I had good news. This time I have even more news. It seems like the adoption relationship between the United States and Vietnam has been suspended so long with no end in sight. In 2008, this adoption relationship was not re-established after Vietnam joined the Hague Convention. The reason for the United States (and other countries) reluctance in this area was that a regulation table that would be acceptable to both parties was not reached. That has been the objective of Vietnam in the time since their succession to Hague. The recent news is that Vietnam has been the recipient of funds to encourage the development of their adoption program. These funds will support in country care of… [more]

I’ve Got Good News!

April 22nd, 2011
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490932_newspaperI have NEWS!! I could not be more excited to let you know about the recent developments in the adoption program from Vietnam. There was a meeting scheduled on April 12, 2011 to discuss the administrative agreement that must be in place in order for adoptions from this country to re-open. The meeting was between the governmental officials in Vietnam and the Adoption Authority. In this meeting many issues were addressed but the biggest was whether the initial incidents that caused the US to pull out of the adoption relationship with Vietnam in 2008 had been rectified. The Adoption Authority said, "[they] will ensure that all of the 'very serious issues' that caused the suspension of adoptions from Vietnam are addressed before… [more]

Any News?

April 14th, 2011
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1078767_waiting_2It seems that there are many people who have an avid interest in adopting from the country of Vietnam. As we wait for news of its re-opening, it seems fitting to deal with some of the issues that waiting can cause in the heart and minds of prospective parents. It is difficult to wait and seems that precious time is being wasted. Having adopted internationally and been through the waiting game, I feel that I can honestly say that time put into regulation and written procedure will bring a positive result. It may not seem like it but the wait will end and a strong, healthy adoptive relationship will be re-established. I cannot stress enough that this takes time, effort and cooperation. I… [more]

A Visit to Vietnam

March 29th, 2011
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1269420_footsteps_2As the month of March comes to a close, the slated re-opening of intercountry adoption with Vietnam has passed without so much as a passing nod. At least it appeared that way to those of us watching and anxiously anticipating its return. Yet, I have found information that points in a positive direction and am happy to share it with you. On the dates of March 16-23, the Special Advisor for Children's Issues Ambassador, Susan Jacobs traveled to Cambodia and Vietnam. In Vietnam, Ms. Jacobs met with governmental officials to discuss their stated goal of acceding to the Hague Convention statues. In the letter released by the United States government, this statement was made, ...US supports their efforts to create a welfare system and… [more]

Vietnam Remains Closed

March 13th, 2011
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1332728_waitingAt this point, there is so little information available on Vietnam adoption that it is difficult to up date you. I know that Vietnam has been working on its Hague Convention Certification. In order for that to be fulfilled, both Vietnam and the United States have to come to a bilateral agreement. It is an difficult process and takes time and negotiation. I did track down information that pointed to fraudulent behavior at one point between Vietnam and another country [not US.] The allegations were that thirteen children were placed for adoption when they should not have been. I would guess this case caused the move toward Hague status to ensure that there are no future occurrences such as this one. There was talk of… [more]