Golden News About Vietnam Adoption

November 18th, 2011
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1073703_golden_micI love the fact that I said last month, no clear date and am coming to you 2-3 weeks later and saying, "I have a date!!" It is true. The approval for Hague Certification between the United States and Vietnam went through on November 1, 2011. This is very exciting. It is another step completed in a long process. For those of you who have been waiting- this is such good news. There are a couple of legalities that you should know about. When a country reaches an approval, they are not immediately open for adoption. This is the case with the relationship between the United States and Vietnam. Though the approval is November 2011, it doesn't go into effect until February 2012. When… [more]

I’ve Got Good News!

April 22nd, 2011
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490932_newspaperI have NEWS!! I could not be more excited to let you know about the recent developments in the adoption program from Vietnam. There was a meeting scheduled on April 12, 2011 to discuss the administrative agreement that must be in place in order for adoptions from this country to re-open. The meeting was between the governmental officials in Vietnam and the Adoption Authority. In this meeting many issues were addressed but the biggest was whether the initial incidents that caused the US to pull out of the adoption relationship with Vietnam in 2008 had been rectified. The Adoption Authority said, "[they] will ensure that all of the 'very serious issues' that caused the suspension of adoptions from Vietnam are addressed before… [more]

Post Placement Visit and Reports

December 12th, 2007

Finally, we’re on the last step of the series of posts detailing each step of the Viet Nam adoption process. Of course, this isn’t really the end. Adoption education for us as parents, and for our children needs to continue and post placement reports only mark the end of the process in terms of paperwork and working with outside agencies. When you adopt a child from Viet Nam, you agree to send post placement reports to Viet Nam for eighteen years to let them know how your child is doing in their new home and with their new family. Viet Nam requires only one post placement home visit report, which you will arrange with your home study agency (or your placing agency, if they are the same)… [more]

Post Placement Medical Exam

December 6th, 2007

We are continuing on with posts detailing the steps in the Viet Nam adoption process. Once your child has been adopted and you’re settling in to life at home, you will move on to the step dealing with the post placement medical exam. Shortly after coming home with your new child, you will need to take them for a complete medical exam with their new pediatrician. It’s a really good idea to find a doctor before you leave, so you can just call and make the appointment once you’re home. There are many pediatricians who now specialize in international adoption, but that doesn’t mean that’s who you need to, or should, go to. Any physician who you are comfortable with and is good with your child can take care of… [more]

Adjusting to Life at Home With a New Child

December 6th, 2007

We’re going through the steps in an adoption from Viet Nam, and now that you have traveled home, you’re onto the step of adjusting to life at home with your new child. It is a surreal and amazing experience to leave Viet Nam and step back into your life pre-child. Some family members and friends may expect you to be “back to normal” right away, but it will likely take a period of adjustment to get used to being a family in your home environment. Being in Viet Nam, with the house keeping, restaurants, laundry service and nothing to do but dote on your new cutie gets quiet addictive and it can be hard to get back into the swing of things at home. My number one… [more]

Traveling Home from Viet Nam

December 5th, 2007

Now that you have had your Giving and Receiving Ceremony and have spent a couple of weeks in Viet Nam, your child’s visa will be issued and you will all be free to fly home! Traveling home with an infant, toddler or child will be a unique experience, and has the potential to be lovely and shockingly easy or so horrid and difficult that you will wonder how you can arrange it to just stay in Viet Nam. Now that your hands will be occupied with a child and all their paraphernalia, try to check as much luggage as possible. It’s very easy to buy luggage in Hanoi if you need more space. When you pack your carry on bags, try to think of the worst… [more]

The New Family in Viet Nam

December 5th, 2007

After the Giving and Receiving ceremony, your son or daughter is now officially adopted and your child in all contexts of the Vietnamese law. Your life together as a family will begin in Viet Nam, and the time you spend in country will be an extremely memorable experience. Hopefully your adoption agency will take care of all the paperwork and appointments necessary for you all to be able to come home, and you can spend your time bonding and getting to know each other. If possible, try to spend some time in your child’s province. I wish we had spent time in Ella’s province, and hope to do so when we go back this time. Speak to your agency about your desire to do this… [more]

The Giving and Receiving Ceremony

December 5th, 2007

In continuing on with our detailed posts about each step in the Vietnamese adoption process, we’re now on to the Giving and Receiving. The Giving and Receiving ceremony is one of my favorite aspects of Vietnamese adoptions. It is essentially the giving of a child to their new family. The Giving and Receiving, or G&R as it is often called, is when your child legally becomes your child in the eyes of the Vietnamese government. You will walk away from your G&R ceremony with your child who is now officially adopted. Giving and Receiving ceremonies vary widely and some are more elaborate than others. Since adoptions in Viet Nam are handled at the provincial level, G&R ceremonies differ from province to province… [more]

Traveling to Viet Nam

November 30th, 2007

The next step in the Viet Nam adoption process is traveling to Viet Nam to adopt your child. Boarding the plane that will ultimately bring you to your child is an amazing experience. But once that euphoria wares off and you have over a dozen hours left in the air, the travel can be a bit grueling, but it doesn’t have to be. Your positive or negative experience will have a lot to do with your airline carrier and the amenities provided to you. We flew on Thai Air and it was a good trip, for the most part. The one negative was that my husband and I were seated in the middle of a middle row, so to get up and walk around or go to… [more]

Waiting to Travel to Viet Nam

November 29th, 2007

This post is continuing on with our series of Steps in the Viet Nam Adoption Process. Most adoptive parents share the sentiment that the wait from referral to travel is the hardest part of the entire adoption process. Now that the I600 petition submission policies have changed and that wait time has been extended, there will be many families trying to positively bide their time when they’re feeling completely impatient and fed up inside. I wish I had some magic secret that I could share that would make this wait easier, but no such thing exists. If it does, someone really needs to share it with all of us here! What helped me was reminding myself that the wait was a means to an end. I also had a lot of luck… [more]