Entrepreneur Honors for a Vietnamese-American Woman

June 28th, 2007

http://www.thanhniennews.com/overseas/?catid=12&newsid=29507 Jacquelyn Tran has recently had two entrepreneurial honors bestowed upon her: the Enst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award and Inc Magazine named her one of the ‘Hottest Entrepreneurs Under 30.” These accolades are in addition to being named one of 2006’s most successful businesspeople under 30 by Inc and OC Metro magazines. 30 year old Tran is the president of Perfume Bay, which is an extremely successful internet based perfume business. She grew up in a family involved in the perfume industry and decided in college that the internet was the way to truly be successful in the global marketplace. She launched Perfume Bay on her own and has been able to watch it grow and succeed over the past few years… [more]