An Invitation to Adult Adoptees from Vietnam

January 24th, 2007
Categories: Adoptee Support

The following is a message from one of the moderators of the Adoptive Parents Viet Nam (APV) yahoogroup... Hi all: The list-owner and moderators of Adoptive Parents – Vietnam (APV) list-serve have come up with a project that we are very excited about, and we need to ask for the participation of adult adoptees from Vietnam for it to work. Adoptive parents very much want to make the right decisions on a variety of subjects for their children, and we value the opinions of adult adoptees on these topics very highly. We would very much like to encourage adult adoptees from Vietnam to participate on the APV, but recognize that sometimes it is a lot to take on, and that if a-parents have difficulty hearing certain truths, etc., the adult adoptee may become the victim of flames, be called "angry," etc., etc… [more]