This Time Last Year – Homecoming!

November 3rd, 2007
Categories: Adopting Ella

One year ago our plane touched down at JFK airport in New York and we were finally on our own turf again. After a quick and easy process at the airport, Ella became a United States Citizen and we were unbelievably about to return to our home as a trio. It was a bit of a shock to return home to the states after spending so much time in Viet Nam. In Hanoi we got tons of attention and Ella was constantly admired and cooed at. In New York, no one gave us a second look. We had quickly become used to the Vietnamese hospitality and the stark contrast was startling to our jet lagged, sleep deprived selves. A fairly pleasant man looked at Ella’s passport, checked… [more]

This Time Last Year – Flying Home from Viet Nam

November 2nd, 2007
Categories: Adopting Ella

This time last year we were in a complete whirlwind unlike any my family and I had ever experienced. While moping in our hotel room in Hanoi we received word that Ella’s visa had been issued and we were free to go home! Our scheduled flight to the US was for the next day, but we were so desperate to get home that we went a little crazy to make it happen. Two of our agency staff members and my husband jumped on their respective phones in different rooms of the hotel and scrambled to try and get our plane tickets switched so we could get on the next flight to Bangkok from Hanoi, which was scheduled to depart in the very near… [more]

Our Viet Nam Adoption Timeline

January 5th, 2007
Categories: Adopting Ella

Please keep in mind that adoptions are individual processes and can take varying amounts of time... now that I said that...I COMPLETELY understand how as a prospective adoptive parent you are starving for any bit of information that can tell you how long your wait may possibly be ;) I know I was a little addicted to reading people's time frames, so I thought I would share mine. ************************** 8/3/05 mailed preliminary application to ACS 8/15/05 mailed application to CHSA (our home study agency) w/ autobiographies + picture 8/05 received packet from CHSA 8/24/05 went to Trenton and got 3 copies each of our birth certificates and marriage certificate 8/26/05 attended CHSA educational group meeting 8/26/05 submitted CARI forms to CHSA 9/15/05 got fingerprinted (Sagem Morpho) 9/19/05 had medical exams 10/4/05 mailed Home Study documents to CHSA 10/27/05 home visit 11/21/05 mailed full… [more]